Create social media posts that actually result in new clients... without spending hours a day writing them!

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Go from stressed out to booked out with formulas that makes consistently showing up on social media EASY.

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The problem is… not being consistent on social media, blogging, podcasting, etc… means


Here’s why spending even just one more day avoiding social media is costing your biz more than consistent sales but also crushing its growth entirely…

Small businesses who regularly use social media see 76% boost in growth

Source: Time Magazine

84% of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social over a competitor

(source: Sprout Social)​

Lots of likes/good comments would increase chance of purchase

(source: HootSuite)

Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases

(source: PWC)

Social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 50% of Gen Z and 42% of millennials

(source: Adobe)

The Question Is…

Will your future clients turn to you with credit card in hand (after developing a relationship through social media), or to your competitors?

That’s why I’m giving you instant access to Social Post Formulas.
Stop stressing about marketing, 
and start saving massive amounts of time for 
just $27.
If you want to take the stress and time suck OUT of writing your social media posts, you need
social post formulas

Unlike other systems and templates you may have seen, this collection of formulas to write popular types of social media posts lets you sound like yourself… and convert using a proven framework.

“Finally a system that makes showing up for your audience easy…this will save me hours of time and having a simple process takes away all of the excuses. 

It’s a no-brainer for any small business owner.”

– Melanie Sparks

write 3 posts in 20 min

Become the envy of your peers with

Let me know if this sounds like you...

Now, you don’t have any more time or money left to waste.

throwing away money
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You deserve to have captivated, addicted followers, and a booked-out business.

Social Post Formulas is a predictable, stress-free content planning tool strategically designed for small biz owners and service providers like you so you can start landing a steady stream of clients (aka revenue) with ease.

What's included in

Exclusive Success Formulas

Writer's Block, Be Gone

Stop the Scroll with Hooks & Headlines that Wow


Exclusive Video Training: Repurposing Content

repurpose your social media

This special training available only to those who purchase Social Post Formulas will teach you how to turn one single piece of content into up to 15 additional content pieces.

Branded Business Dashboard: Assets at Your Fingertips

branded business dashboard - trello bonus

Easily ensure that your messaging is consistently on-brand with a control center for your business.

The "Nurture Graphics" You Need To Build A Loyal, Warm Audience

Stop the scroll with eye-catching graphics! This training + graphic template bonus makes it easy to keep up the consistency.

Exclusive Video Training: Graphic Design for Non-Designers

This special training available only to those who purchase Social Post Formulas will show you how to create on-brand graphics using free templates in Canva or Adobe Spark.

“My content ideas feel less vague and more purposeful. Britney offers great tips and left me feeling like I could actually pull this off! I feel like I can appear more put together by more regularly posting and I can get ahead using this content planning tool.”

– Amy Msouty

Meet the Expert

Hi, I’m Britney Gardner—over the past 15 years, I’ve helped my clients increase their conversions by 600% just by changing how they show up online.

As a brand strategist, I’ve helped 200+ small business owners & online service providers create impactful messaging to consistently fill their pipeline with their ideal clients.
After spending more than a decade as a service provider myself—photographing people and designing client stories—I pride myself on helping other entrepreneurs step out of the shadows so they can stop being seen as the world’s best-kept secret and start selling and scaling with ease. 
Here are a few other reasons to trust me:

Ever felt like you could impact thousands if only you could be seen? That’s exactly what my signature strategies do for you.

“Now I feel relieved to have a place to start and an ongoing plan! 

Now that I have a proven process to follow, I understand how I can plan and schedule out my content with intention and not just throw stuff out there. Britney does a great job of explaining how to choose the right content to share.”

– Tanya Bryant

“I was new to content creation. It felt so overwhelming that I didn’t know where to start. This walked me through step by step how to break it down into manageable pieces. 

This has been a game-changer for me.

– Debbie Lehr Lee





30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll find this system integral to exploding your visibility, that I’m giving you 30 days to test it out, risk-free. 

If, after 30 days, Social Post Formulas hasn’t helped you show up on social media, exposing your brand to more prospects more consistently, I’ll give you your money back. 
Here’s how it works: Simply forward the receipt to, let my team know why the system didn’t work for you, and I’ll refund your entire purchase. 
So why not give it a try and see what showing up for your audience can do for business growth and your bank account?
Get instant access to the six post formulas, watch the bonus video trainings to supplement your social media training and build a loyal audience completely risk-free.
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“I went from overwhelm to moving forward with content creation so that I could go pro with scaling new products and services. 
The clarity the system provides ensures my ideal clients will find me faster & I stay consistent and strong in my brand vision and mission.

– Rachel Smith


What’s standing in the way of you reaching more clients and having a greater impact? What’s preventing them from hearing your big message?

Putting yourself out there and showing up for yourself, for your business and for the greater good is within your power if you put the system in place to show up more consistently and build your Know, Like and Trust Factor so thoroughly that those people who desperately need your services can’t help but think… you’re the only one who can help them.

When you click the “Get Social Post Formulas” button below, you’re saying it’s time to end your best-kept-secret status and become the teacher they need. 

You’ll be brought to a checkout page when you click where you can enter your payment information directly. 
Take advantage of this special offer. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can log in and be using one of the formulas in 15 minutes. I do include some short training videos as well and that may take additional time for deeper learning, but you can be using this quickly either way!

I include formulas for feed posts (FB, IG or LinkedIn), stories, lives, podcast episodes, blog posts and ads. If you do any combo of these, you’ll find the post formulas useful.

This system includes the formulas and examples of using the formulas in a real business, plus bonuses showing you how to use the same content again and again once it’s written. It is, of course, still up to you to publish your posts! (Because you can. Why not you?)

The first time you use one of the formulas it probably won’t save a whole lot of time, because you’re getting used to a new way of creating content for your business.

The second time, third time, etc–you’ll save a ton of time, easily half the time you used to take. After a few weeks you’ll find you’re saving well over 50% of the time to stay visible online.

You will receive an email within 15 minutes of your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with all of the files and videos.

I’m obsessed with this product. And I’m confident you will be too. That’s why I stand by my 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This means, if you test out the system and don’t feel it was worth it, I’ll fully refund you the $27. 

BUT, I will also tell you that I’m obsessive about bringing the best product to market that I can – have a suggestion? Let me customize the product for YOUR NEEDS.

You’re in luck! If you decide you want extra social media expertise tailored to your specific business, I’m here to help! Sign up for a Visibility Power Hour  and we’ll get you a tailored plan to make the most of your social posts + so much more.


Stop Sitting On The Sidelines
Start Sharing Your Message & Increasing Your Impact

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